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DVD: Hospital/ Medical Professional Edition

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HOSPITAL EDITION  Parenting Children with Special Medical Needs: Love and Logic Tools for Raising Resilient Kids

Hosted by Foster Cline, MD and Lisa Greene, this DVD edition is ONLY available for hospitals and medical professionals for patient education on in-house video devices. It will be provided free of charge. Please contact us for information.

Video 1:  Mealtime Battles: Ending Food Fights and Picky Eating

Video 2: Caution! Hover at Your Own Risk: The Dangers of Helicopter Parenting

Video 3:  Win the Battle, Lose the War: The Dangers of Drill Sergeant Parenting

Video 4:  Put the Fun Back Into Parenting: Be a Good Consultant

Video 5: Motivation 101: Tools to Increase the Odds of Medical Adherence 

Video 6: Off to a Good Start:  Parenting Your Young Child with Special Medical Needs

Video 7: It’s All Elementary: Parenting Your School-Age Child with Special Medical Needs

Video 8: Help! There’s a Teenager in the House: Parenting Your Teen with Special Medical Needs