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The Essential E's of Raising Responsible Kids

Do you ever wonder how to raise children who are confident, respectful and responsible? Kids who eat right and take their medications all by themselves? Many parents rely on the rant, rave, rescue and remind approach to parenting. And while this might work in the short run, it won't in the long run- especially if your kids are teenagers! 

So how do children really learn responsibility? With the Essential E's!  Join Foster W. Cline, MD, a  well-known child psychiatrist, best-selling author, and co-founder of the popular Love and Logic®  parenting approach and Lisa Greene, a parent educator and mom of two kids with cystic fibrosis, as they discuss the Essential E's for raising responsible kids.
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Moving Forward After the Diagnosis
The Individual Journey: Turning the Corner

When a child is diagnosed with a medical condition or disability, life changes. Join Laura Marshak, PhD and Lisa C. Greene to discover how to move forward by focusing on taking good care of yourself. 

Laura Marshak, PhD is a psychologist and professor who works with parents of children with disabilities. She is writing her eighth book on aspects of adjusting to disability. You can contact Dr. Marshak at www.DisabilityAndFamilyBalance.com

Lisa Greene is an author, parent educator, and mom of two children with cystic fibrosis. Lisa’s mission is to empower parents who are raising children with medical issues. Her message is: “You can do it!” Lisa Greene can be contacted at www.ParentingChildrenWithHealthIssues.com