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Our mission is to help families raise children with health issues and other special needs who are confident, capable, medically-adherent, and independent.   

We offer several free resources to help you with the families you work with as well as books, CD's, DVD's, and live workshops.
For information, please contact us at (425) 298-7197 or by sending an email. Thank you.     
Resources for Medical Providers, Mental Health Professionals
and Support Groups
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  • Free Study Guide for the book "Parenting Children with Health Issues" (Click Here) 
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                                        Why is This Program Unique?

“Parenting children with special healthcare needs magnifies the results of effective and ineffective parental/caregiver responses. Raising a child with a chronic illness involves an often-confusing state of mixed uncertainty, apprehension, and heightened responsibility. I have had a special interest in medical genetics and children with special healthcare needs throughout my entire thirty-plus year career and, until now, have never come across a book or program that truly meets the needs of these families.

One of my mantras for many years has been, ‘Don’t disable a child with disabilities!’ As this book points out so clearly, these children, even more so than children who are not obviously medically impacted, need to be confident, competent, respectful, responsible, and, ultimately, independent.”  Tracy L. Trotter, MD, FAAP, Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
There is plenty of great information readily available for special needs parents which focus on external challenges such as school issues, medical care provisions, community support, etc. This program focuses on the behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal issues that families face.

Parental responses to a child’s medical condition have a great impact on both medical adherence and mental health. Parents with chronically ill children need parenting strategies specifically designed to help them effectively cope with the unique challenges they face. This program teaches those strategies, tools and techniques in an uncomplicated manner.  

Parents need your professional guidance to help them cope with their child’s medical issues and the frustration that occurs when their child shows poor self-care. Let us help you have the responses you need when:  
  • Parents are unable to encourage their children to accept reasonable health care expectations.
  • Parents ask you, “What and how do I tell my child about his/her medical issue?”    
  • Parents express frustration and anger when their child shows irresponsible or self-destructive responses to medical requirements.
  • Parents ask you, “How can I make this child comply? I’ve tried everything…”
  • Parents rely upon praise, rewards and punishment to motivate their child’s adherence.
  • Parents show their disapproval about their child’s self-care choices.
  • Parents are struggling to cope with the challenges of their child's medical condition.

All parents face child-raising challenges. When the average child is sick with a “short- term” illness, it increases family tension and may impact family dynamics. However, the average family, unlike those dealing with chronic illness, is not faced with coping day-in and day-out with the difficulty of staving off death that continually lurks around a child’s poor self-care or resistance to medical treatment.

Children are often understandably resistant to time consuming self-care protocols. In their resistance, they can become passively non-compliant or overtly rebellious. The bottom line is this: Great doctors, great medicine and great technology cannot help a child who is non-compliant. To further complicate matters, parents (consciously or unconsciously) feel guilty about their child’s condition and commonly:

·     Excuse irresponsible behavior

·     Accept disrespect

·     Make excuses for poor decisions

·     Encourage immature development 


This program will increase the odds that children will be adherent with medical requirements as well as help families confront the common, but often misunderstood, dynamics that swirl about in the home of a child with inordinate medical needs. When handled effectively, these issues can lead to admirable character growth rather than a child with immature character traits that are demonstrated in non-compliant, passive-resistant and/or hostile dependent responses. 


Our materials and workshops provide professionals with tools and techniques built on a useful conceptual framework to address these issues. This framework provides a foundation that will best ensure that professionals are able to quickly assess family dynamics and have a tool bag of precise responses available to provide guidance and relief to both children and parents.

Dr. Cline and other trained professionals are available for presentations to medical providers, mental health professionals, and those who provide support to families who deal with pediatric health issues. The multimedia presentations are designed to give health care professionals effective, easy-to-understand and immediately applicable tools and techniques for use when consulting with families facing extraordinary medical challenges. We will provide you with practical information to help parents create happy home atmospheres where children are respectful, responsible and medically adherent.