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About the Authors


Foster W. Cline, MD


Dr. Cline is the co-founder of the Love and Logic Institute with Jim Fay. A gifted child psychiatrist, physician, international speaker, and author of many books on parenting and dealing with difficult children and their families, Dr. Cline has worked with parents and children for over forty years.


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Lisa C. Greene, MA CFLE


Lisa is a speaker, writer, certified family life educator and mother of two children with cystic fibrosis. She combines her training with personal experiences and insights and shares this with you as she raises her two special children with Love and Logic’s essential and life-changing parenting tools.


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Love and Logic®

Jim Fay, an educator, and Foster W. Cline, MD, a child psychiatrist, founded the Love and Logic Institute in 1977. For thirty years, Love and Logic has been teaching parents and educators around the world how to raise kids who are respectful, responsible and pleasant to be around.


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