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No More No! How to Gain Your Child's Cooperation with Self-Care, Medication and Just About Everything Else
by Lisa C. Greene, MA CFLE

Paperback: $6.95  E-book: $4.95 

It's not easy to get a child to take medication. We all know what happens when we say, "Here, take this pill!" Whether a child is taking a one-time course of antibiotics for an ear infection or needs to take medication regularly for a chronic condition, medical adherence is critical. The better children can be at taking their medications as prescribed, the more likely they are to get better and/or stay well. Kids of all ages from toddlers to teens will be more willing to take their medication and do medical treatments when parents and medical professionals use the tools in this book.

Written by Lisa C. Greene, MA CFLE, a mom who knows what it's like to raise a child who has health issues. Lisa is the mom of two with special healthcare needs as well as an author, speaker and family advocate. In addition to plenty of real-life experiences, Lisa has a master's degree in Family Life Education and is the co-author with Foster W. Cline, MD of the award-winning book "Parenting Children with Health Issues", based on the popular Love and Logic parenting approach.

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New Children's Book Now Available!

Healthy Choices, Happy Kids: Making Good Choices with Everyday Care

Paperback: $10.95 

From the back cover:

Learning how to make good decisions starts at an early age. Created to be enjoyed together, this work will help adults guide and encourage children to understand the consequences of healthy and poor choices.

Beautiful illustrations and a hidden frog on every page will capture the attention of young readers and bring the stories to life. Exploring this book with children will empower them to develop a foundation for healthy living.

Discounts available for bulk purchases.

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DVD: Hospital Edition of Parenting Children with Health Issues

This series of video clips focuses on tools, skills and techniques that are essential for inspiring children and young adults to make wise decisions as they meet the challenges of managing chronic illness. 

Includes: Dealing with Food Challenges, Parenting Styles, Refusal to Take Medications and Medical Treatments, and Ages and Stages for the Early Years through the Teens.

This version will be only be available to hospitals, pediatricians and specialists for in-house video server use only.
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Summer, 2015

Support Group Package

We are working on a support group program based on the book.  We will provide you with the tools to present a professional and informative program including video clips, discussion questions, a leader's guide, and access to Dr. Cline and Lisa Greene for Q&A sessions.  

In the meantime,click here to download a free Study Guide which is a companion to the book.