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Foster Cline, MD Presentations

To schedule a speaking engagement with Foster, contact Bonnie Burnett at 303-979-7525.


Dr. Cline is a well-known child psychiatrist, popular public speaker, and co-author of the Parenting with Love and Logic series. He is an extremely powerful, knowledgeable, practical, humorous and entertaining presenter.


Dr. Cline has presented workshops and seminars in 11 countries and most states. When he gives workshops in many states, sponsoring organizations are constantly overwhelmed by the large number of people who drive long distances to hear him. On the speaking circuit for business men at Universities and at Forums, he has consistently been rated, "Best of the Best" in their data base of international presenters.


His power comes from a unique mixture of humility, and wisdom-filled effervescence. People invariably leave wiser, more thoughtful, and envision themselves living more effectively with family and friends. He gives high take-home-value while reaching people with laughter and insight. He motivates everyone for constructive change.

Dr. Cline has taught thousands of teachers and parents from throughout the United States. He has been honored as "Making Outstanding Contributions to Children" by a national adoption group and was named "Outstanding off-campus professor of the year" in 1986 by a Colorado college. He has presented to business men and their wives in many different countries.


Dr. Cline has an uncanny ability to share his ideas and expertise with a dynamic presentation style. Dr. Cline began his professional career by founding Evergreen Consultants, a multi-disciplinary clinic located in Colorado, where children and their parents went for treatment from around the world.


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