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CD's for Professionals

Dear Medical and Mental Health Professionals,

To order your free copy of the CD Top Do's and Don'ts for Parenting Children with Health Issues and Other Special Needs, please contact us by using the form below.  

For additional CD's, the cost is $1 each plus shipping.  

This CD is a 52 minute lecture by child psychiatrist Foster W. Cline MD as presented at the Cystic Fibrosis Research Inc. 19th Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA.*  Your patients and clients will learn the answers to these questions and more:  

  • What is the one thing parents should never do when a child is resistant to medical treatments?
  • What does parenting a chronically ill child and leadership have in common?
  • How does parental love for a child sometimes make the situation worse?
  • How can parents raise a special needs child to be respectful and responsible with high coping skills?
  • Why can it be dangerous to a child when a parent “needs to be needed?”
  • What is life’s biggest problem for a parent whose child has a serious medical condition?
  • How do kids really learn? Hint: It’s not lecturing or nagging…    

Be sure to also check out our special pricing for bulk purchases of the award-winning book Parenting Children with Health Issues by Foster Cline MD and Lisa Greene.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to helping families cope with special healthcare needs.

* Please note, this CD is the same as the free audio download available through this website.  For a great handout to your patients and clients, see our info cards.

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